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About Us

Injectiva develops and manufacture wearable infusion devices that are comfortably worn on the body while the drug is subcutaneously administered over a pre-programmed period spanning seconds or hours.

Upon full injection of the dose, they are removed from the body and conveniently disposed.

Our Mission

"Care for ALL"



Diabetes is an epidemic that affects millions globally. Wearable insulin patch pump has evolved as a modern way of self-insulin intake for the management of diabetes. Insulin patch pump delivers smaller doses of insulin over long periods of time enabling better control of blood glucose level and reduce medication.

  • World’s Smallest syringe based insulin patch pump.
  • Uses UnivLabs patented UL-SYR at base.
  • Delivers insulin in small dosages over a period of 3 days.
  • Sleep, bath, run , swim or whatever you love while your insulin delivery is taken care by GlucoEasy.



O-flow is a wearable infusion devices designed to enable subcutaneous self-administration of regular injections as well as high-volume therapeutics.

  • O-flow is self administrating Syringe.
  • No need to visit hospital or caregiver for injection anymore.
  • Unwarp it , paste it and with press of button medication is auto administrated and end of cycle needle automatically retracts.
  • Delivery time 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Volume 1 ML to 50ml
  • Range of Viscosity (0 – 120+ cp)

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